The college has its separate premises with wellequipped classrooms with roof fitted LCD projector and a dedicated computer system for making presentations and enabling students to participate in seminars. It has a dedicated and well qualified staff.

This college has three computer laboratories, each fully equipped with more than 70 computers thus having over 250 computers in total; all are connected with a Wired LAN and are Sharable with prior permission.

Each machine is configured with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB Ram, 160 GB HDD and 18.5 inch of LCD’s; they all have a licenced Windows Operating System, and all necessary software packages are installed. Internet facility is also available to all students -- for use with prior permission through dedicated high speed Broadband lines.

The college has set up its own High End Computer Server with Windows Server and Oracle Server.

Each computer laboratory and class room has an LCD projector and a white board to make presentations and instruction easy to grasp.